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When no news is good news.

I am pleased to say that following my 6 month visit to the consultant we agreed that I did not need to take any medication. I think once I need to take pain killers regularly, or it changes what I can do, I should accept the inevitable but I am not ready for that yet! I had been very pleased to transfer from the private sector to NHS under the same consultant so was disappointed when he told me that he had resigned from the NHS as from that day because of concerns about what was happening around him.
I think all the exercise does help and I now love pilates and go to classes 3 or 4 times a week, I’ve even tried using a roller….. swimming is tricky but somehow or other I can manage 24 lengths , on my front/back or just walking and feel very pleased with myself when I have finished.
I am enjoying my long walks still; left arm is a bit stiff but I am getting used to that. The lovely daughter recently flew in from New York for the weekend, as you do, and we walked through the bluebell woods marvelling at the colours, the beauties of England on a spring morning.

Bluebell wood in Sussex

Bluebell wood in Sussex

Looking towards the South Downs.

Looking towards the South Downs.

I have, at last, heard back from the DVLA – a quite abrupt letter recalling my driving licence and issuing me with a new 3 year one with some restrictions. It brought it home to me that I can’t escape the fact that I do have a chronic illness.
I had a lovely massage recently, very soothing. True to his word my husband came along to learn how to stretch out the tendons in my left arm and hand, he copied on my bad arm what the masseuse was demonstrating on the good arm so now I am looking forward to daily treatments at home. He liked the part where the squeeze is a bit like a Chinese burn!
Only a month to the trip to New York – excited.

6 thoughts on “When no news is good news.

  1. Hi Elspeth, glad to hear you are enjoying Pilates. Looking forward to hearing about the home massage when we see you and Peter next week. Love Sue

  2. Hi Elspeth, it was good to see you and Peter last week-end. Just had an afternoon / evening with Paul & Fay – went to a comedy show and stopped for a few drinks by the river in the sunshine. Meandered back to catch the Park & Ride bus only to discover no buses after 7.30 pm (it was 7.45). No problem we’ll take a taxi to pick up our cars only to discover we were locked out. Expensive ride back to Bidford where we considered overnight guests. Paul & Fay rustled up Joanna to save the day! Bless her. We’ll probably meet up again in the morning collecting the cars…

  3. Hi Elspeth,

    Lovely to hear your very positive comments. Look forward to seeing you soon. Keep up the good work. (Will Peter be charging for massages soon??) The bluebells are beautiful this year aren’t they?

    Love Frances

  4. Hi Elspeth, I am glad you are still so positive. Could not quite picture the roller when you were swimming! It must have been great to see Laura albeit so briefly. Make sure Peter is more expert at the massage part not the Chinese burn part. Have a great holiday.
    Love Sheila

  5. Dear Elspeth

    Lovely to receive your recent update and such good news that you have not been prescribed medication. It is great that you are finding benefit from your Pilates sessions but hope that Peter does not get too enthusiastic in his efforts to provide massage treatment. The photos of you and Laura are great and you must have been thrilled to have had a visit from her.

    We are looking forward to seeing you, Peter, Dyllis and Ian tomorrow. Please keep it easy as it will just be great to spend an evening together.

    Love Elizabeth and Ken x

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