End of an era …..

Easter traditionally marks the end of the Badminton season and for me it is time to end my 47 years of playing League Badminton. A combination of being the oldest in the club and the onset of Parkinson’s means that my play is on a slippery downhill slope and it is better to quit while you are ahead. Serving, once my greatest strength, becomes very tricky if your left hand gets a bit of a tremor as you try to drop the shuttle accurately! However, I have joined a daytime, friendly club where a lot of retired league players go and that can get quite competitive! I have made so many friends over those 47 years and many of those are my greatest supporters now.

... no more matches!

… no more matches!

I have been back to the neuro physio to tweak my exercise routine and am now the proud possessor of a large gym ball to use alongside 3 other balls;-
– a blue gym ball for stretching and balance,
– a spiky purple ball for helping my feet,
– a squashy green ball for twisting and stretching, and
– a spongy tennis ball to squeeze to help my left hand.
I should be fit, if nothing else!
.... enough balls!

…. enough balls!

I am also pleased to report that I don’t feel so worried at the beginning of each pilates session and I am beginning to quite like it; certainly feels good afterwards.
I have decided to have more regular back, neck and shoulder massages. I am lucky enough to live close to a beautician’s where two of the staff are training to do clinical massage, perfect for me. They have invited my husband along to learn how to massage my stiff left arm and hand AND he has agreed!
To finish, in the UK this is Parkinson’s awareness week – this is to help people learn more about the condition. There are several items to read including on the BBC News website.