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Next Steps – One Foot at a Time

Beach walking in Australia - January 2013

Beach walking in Australia – January 2013

Yesterday I had my first visit to the Parkinson’s Nurse at the Neurological Centre within the local hospital. Everyone I met from the Receptionist to the Nurse was pleasant and helpful and put us, my husband came with me, at ease. The main purpose I felt was for us to be able to ask any questions that we had thought of since the diagnosis, it’s difficult to think things through when you are hearing some rather scary news. We agreed that the disease was not making my daily life change yet and that I did not need to take medication. It was helpful to become aware of the variety of drugs available as that is something I do feel anxious about; I don’t like taking pills. The pattern of hospital appointments is every 3 months, the consultant at one and then the Nurse at the next.
I have joined Parkinson’s UK and look forward to keeping up to date with what is happening now and what may happen in the future, there certainly seems to be a lot of research currently underway.
I have completed the Pilates Induction course and can now enrol at classes in the local leisure centres. I felt that the lessons I have had have been particularly helpful with stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I did experience a few tremors during certain arm movements which was a bit unnerving but I need to get used to that!
One of the things I have noticed is that my toes on my left foot have a tendency to clump together. I am continuing to do exercises recommended by the neuro physio and have tried hard to use a small, spiky ball to roll under my foot to keep it opened out.
Foot exercise

Foot exercise

I have noticed that putting my left flip flop on after a pedicure is quite challenging! While in Australia I enjoyed walking barefoot through the sand as that seemed a good idea.
All in all I think the parting words from the Parkinson’s Nurse were very apt – “just get on with your life”.

3 thoughts on “Next Steps – One Foot at a Time

  1. Elspeth, I have just read your blog…. well written, informative and from the heart.
    I loved the photos of you, you will be facing this “issue’ head on. Keep up the pilates, its a form of exercise everyone should be participating in. Pilates is so specific you will notice improvements in a few weeks, I am sure. Go Girl!!!

  2. Just read the blog Elspeth and how informative for anyone on the ‘path’. Personally we are so proud of what you are doing and love the photographs which have been taken on your last holiday. With you every step of the way.

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